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Rolleiflex 3.5F
Rolleiflex TLR 220 Modifications

These modifications are possible on ,
Rolleiflex TLRs, (including Rolleiflex 2.8F, 3.5F, Rolleiflex 2.8E-3, 2.8E-2, 2.8E, 2.8D, 2.8C, , 2.8B, 2.8A, Rolleiflex 3.5E-3, 3.5E-2, 3.5E, 3.5, Automat X, 3.5 Automat MX, Automat MX E-V, Tele Rolleiflex and the Wide-Angle Rolleiflex).

Rollei originally offered 2 different 220 modifications.

#1) A switch by the strap lug.
    To use 220 film you expose the first 12 then push the switch foreword. This returns the counter to zero. Then you advance to #1 the second time and expose the second  12.

I offer this modification for $220.-- plus any repairs needed to the transport mechanism.

#2) A switch by the wind handle with the numbers 12/24 on it.
     To use 220 film, start with the number "24" on the top. After you expose the first 12 the advance will not work until you flip the switch so that the number "12" is on the top. Then you advance to #1 the second time and expose the second  12.

This modification is no longer available.

#1 and #2 work the same except on #2 you always know which 12 you are exposing. On #1 you have to remember if you are on the first or second 12 .

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