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Greetings Mr. Fleenor,
I cannot remember being so pleased with the results of a roll of film as I am with the roll that I just completed from the Rolleiflex 2.8f that you just repaired for me.  Not only does it handle extremely well, the exposure using the built in meter is perfect.  I normally use black and white film as I can process and print my work, but as I had received a roll of color print film with the camera, I used it and had it commercially developed and the results are awesome.
Thank you,
Clive Bailey

From Argentina: Rolleiflex 3.5F

Hello Harry:
             I have tried the 3.5F with film and it's
OK. Really you did a great job considering the camera
condition when I sent  it. The camera came back very
clean in general, the mechanisms smooth and exact
becoming a pleasure to use the 3.5F.
Best regards and thank you very much.-


Hello, Harry,  I would just like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Rollei.  I got it on Monday (very prompt, thanks!) and shot a few slides with it... all I can say is WOW!!  It's amazing.  The movements of the camera are so smooth and crisp, it's practically new.  Thanks again!

Willie Parrett

Dear Harry,
Thank you so much for the terrific work on the Rolleicord. Wow. It looks and feels like a new camera!
Thanks for all your skill and care; I'm very grateful!
Sheila Newbery

<>Hi Harry,
I just received the Tele-Rollei. Fantastic!!! It works better in every
respect!!! Also bravo on removing the dent; it looks cosmetically a 100%
Thanks again for your excellent work,

*My 2.8C continues to work flawlessly. Thanks again for that repair!
<>Hi Harry, I got the Rollei back yesterday.  It looks MAGNIFICENT!  Thank you so much
for doing a repair with such care.  I have done very basic repair
(overhauling large leaf shutters on old large-format lenses) and I know
enough to know when to leave it to the professionals!


Dear Mr. Fleenor:

I received my Rolleiflex E3 last Tuesday and just had a chance to run a roll of film through it this weekend. I must say that you performed an outstanding job repairing and cleaning my camera. It looks almost new and operates like new! The images are sharp and crisp. The shutter and transport are working flawlessly. Yes, I am quite pleased with every aspect of working with you. Thank you again for a wonderful job and the highly professional manner in which you conduct business.

Sincere best wishes to you,

Peter Blackburn


I got my Rolleiflex 2.8D back about three weeks ago, and I have to tell you, I'm really impressed with your work. I've had cameras repaired before, and usually, they come back operable, but feeling much the same as they did before. In this case, My Rollieflex came back far smoother and crisper in its controls than it's ever been as long as I've owned it. I just can't get over how well it operates now. That Maxwell screen is a huge improvement as well, although I often have to use the magnifier when focussing. Perhaps that's my eyes getting older...

I took it to the new Smithsonioan Air & Space Annex last weekend. The thing I've always loved about Rolleis is that you can get amazingly sharp photos in the worst of circumstances. I was handholding it wide open at 1/8th of a second, but the shots are as sharp as can be. I would never even think of trying that with one of my Hasselblads.

So thank you very much: I'm most impressed.

Wes Baker


I got the TLR back the other day, and all I can say is WOW!  (My first thought was that you sent me someone else's camera by mistake -- it was way too clean!)  Anyway, you did a fantastic job; looks great, the new screen is a dream to use, and it works great too!

Well done!!!

Thanks so much,

Hello Mr. Fleenor!
I received my "new" old Rollei back a few days ago. The new screen is indeed fantastic.
I put a roll of film through it, focus is tack sharp ( to me ),  and shutter speeds seem right on,  as per picture result using hand held light meter.
Thank you once again for fantastic work.
Best regards,
Erick Hill
Tulsa, OK

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