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Rollei 35 Batteries
Rolleiflex 3.5F

The Rollei 35 cameras including the Rollei 35S, that have an analog meter, (light reading needle and follow pointer needle). They were originally calibrated to use the 1.35V PX 625 battery.
This is a mercury cell which has become illegal in many states and as I understand it is no longer manufactured by the major battery manufacturers that supply the U.S.

The 1.35V option -

There are some Zinc - air cells that were made by a couple of mfgrs. that replace the PX625 without requiring re-calibration, assuming that the camera is not out of calibration. However these have a short life span.

Also CRIS in Arizona offer an adaptor which reduces the voltage of the PX76 1.5V battery to 1.35V and helps form the shape of the original PX 625. This adaptor is about $30.-- but it allows you to use the easy to find PX76.

The 1.5V option –

If I calibrate the meter to 1.5V you can use a PX625A or a silver oxide S625PX. You can also use the PX76 without an adaptor. The PX76 is smaller in diameter and thinner. So the battery contact has to have more tension on it.

You can buy a PX625A or PX76 at Radio Shack of the drug store.
You can get the silver oxide S625PX at < >

The 1.35V zinc air cell has a very short voltage curve. The voltage falls off within a few months.
The PX625A lasts several times as long.
The silver oxide S625PX should last longer.
The PX 76 could last for years, with or without the adaptor.
The Rollei 35 TE , SE and LED use a 5.6volt mercury battery which is also now illegal in most ot the U.S. Youu can get an adaptor that uses button cells to replace this battery at CRIS.

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Fax: (480) 940-1329
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