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Need a brighter screen?Rolleiflex 3.5F

The Maxwell screen's fresnel, split image and microprism have a fast "action", so when the focus adjustment is changed you perceive a difference. It seems to *snap* into focus.

I stock 2 Maxwell screens.
#1), The Maxwell screen with a rule of thirds grid, split image and a micro prism ring. It is very bright and *snaps* into focus nicely. This screen is great if you have any vision problems, wear glasses or like to use focus aids.
This screen is $315.-- plus $39.-- installation.

#2), The Maxwell plain Hi-Lux screen with a grid. The Hi-Lux screen, plain with a grid is slightly brighter than #1 above in low light in the corners, and the fresnel snaps into focus nicely.
This screen is $315.-- plus $39.-- installation.

Note: Both Maxwell screens are a lot brighter than the original Rolleiflex screen.

I will give a $29.-- discount on installation of either screen if you have a shutter or transport overhaul done at the same time.

Other Maxwell screens and combinations of focus aids and grids are available by special order.

Why should you have Harry install your new focusing screen?

-When I install your screen, I also adjust the focus of both the taking lens and the viewfinder. (Other needed focusing mechanism repairs and/or other repairs are extra.)

- When many people are looking for a new screen it is because they are experiencing a focus problem.

- Finding a Rolleiflex that is within factory focusing tolerance is a rare occurrence.

- In most cases, both lenses need to be adjusted.

- There are differences in the focus adjustment among screens . This is true of a the original factory screens and non-factory replacement screens.

- To take the fullest advantage of the Rolleiflex optics, the taking lens and the viewfinder should be in precise focus adjustment. This is a lot more likely if the focus is adjusted when the new screen is installed. There are many variables in photography and I wouldn't want to have to compensate for the focus adjustment. (By shooting at f8 or smaller, avoiding close up photos that have limited depth of field etc.)

- The Maxwell screens are easily damaged by mishandling.

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